Do you do appraisals?
We provide an evaluation report for any piece of jewelry we create once the piece is purchased, if requested. This report can be used for insurance purposes as it documents the retail price and current retail value of the piece purchased. A formal appraisal can be done by an independent source but does require a fee and a service we unfortunately at this time, do not provide.

How do I start an original custom design?
We’d LOVE to create a one-of-a-kind future heirloom for you! With the help of our team of experts we have a method that is tailored just for you

Do you use Heirloom stones?
We LOVE incorporating heirlooms into our pieces! There is something truly special about using the old to create the new…especially if it’s been passed down from a loved one. We do however need to qualify the stones to be sure they are fit and able to be reset into a new piece. We ask our clients to provide as much information and details about the heirloom stones as possible before we make a decision on whether or not we move forward with using them. Photographs, descriptive details, old appraisals, measurements, colors, and any other detailed info you can gather is important to determining this.
You can and should also have your stone(s) appraised by an outside source prior to your consultation with the A Trio team to determine its value.
We can also help you to secure a GIA certificate on any heirloom diamond(s) and/or gemstone(s) that you might have. There is however a fee involved with getting a certification and it does require and additional amount of time to do so.

Are your diamonds conflict free?
With five generations of dedication to our clients, and having a true love of all human life and mother nature, we are committed to the highest degree of responsible sourcing and ethical practices. All metals, gemstones, and diamonds are ethically soured. We use recycled metals and conflict-free stones to ensure your pride and satisfaction in our creations.

How do I determine finger size?
If you can we suggest popping into our studio to be measured correctly. If that’s not possible try to get measured by a professional. We are also happy to ship “finger sizers” upon purchase of any A Trio ring. Simply select the “send sizers” option in the drop-down box and we’ll immediately send you a set of sizers so you can determine the perfect fit for you. Once you decide on your size you can respond to your confirmation email or call and inform one of our A Trio team members of your perfect size and we’ll get started, be sure to tell them your order number. Once we receive your finger size normal return times and shipping times apply.

Why do you use European shanks on most of your rings?
The base of your ring is what takes the biggest beating throughout the life of your ring. I like to make that part of your ring strong to ensure it lasts through the test of time. It also helps keep your ring centered and upright on your hand since it adds weight to the base of the ring. This base adds strength and balance to something that should forever, and trust me it doesn’t feel weird at all. The European shank is the “form meets function” of a true quality ring…it helps to create a real heirloom that will last forever.

Why are you out of stock of some pieces?
Many of the designs in our collections are limited edition, which means we may have a limited supply of those particular diamonds or gemstones. Because of this, some designs and pieces have to be retired for good when the current stock is sold out. With that said, we can’t guarantee that your favorite design that was available yesterday will still available today or tomorrow.