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If you do not know your ring size, we highly recommend stopping in our studio to be custom fit. If you aren't able to stop in our store, we're happy to send you a complimentary “ring sizing” set with the purchase of a ring if you’re not sure of your size. Select “send sizers” in the ring size drop down box and we’ll send you the sizers. Follow the provided instructions on how to find your best size and return the package, postage provided, and we’ll get started right away!

Our rings are measured in US ring sizes. We offer whole and half sized rings, as well as quarter sizes upon request. Because of the style and nature of how some of our designs are made, some sizes are not available for certain pieces.

We offer one complimentary ring sizing for all ring purchases made with A Trio Jewelry in the event the selected size was slightly off. Keep in mind that sizing can vary slightly from one jeweler to the next, so using our tools will be the best option to ensure a proper fit. If you do not know your ring size, we highly recommend stopping in our studio to be custom fit.

Jewelry Care

How Should I Take Care of my Jewelry?

We offer cleaning, repair, and refinishing services for the lifetime of your jewelry – visit our studio at any time or just reach out to us!

In the meantime, here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry in top shape:

  • Store your jewelry appropriately to eliminate unnecessary wear and tear. Keep necklaces separated or hung to keep from tangling. Store rings with gemstones and diamonds in a proper box, ring roll, or pouch to keep from scratching each other in storage.
  • To keep your jewelry clean and best combat the residue buildup that comes with regular wear, you should rinse it in warm water and gentle soap. Be sure to do this in a safe area and NOT over a sink drain.
  • To maintain the integrity of your jewelry, remove your jewelry before bike riding, rock climbing, gardening or doing outside work, using cleaning chemicals, applying makeup and lotions, swimming (especially hot tubs) and exercising. Exposure to any harsh chemicals, heavy pressure will put your jewelry at risk or even ruin certain gemstones completely.