Meet Amy B

Meet Amy B.

I’m 5th generation in the jewelry industry and the first female in my family to pursue the business, a mom to two amazing little girls and wife to a pretty awesome husband and business partner.  We have a great work life balance and truly love to live life to the fullest!

Creating jewelry doesn't feel like a job to me, its what I love to do. Growing up in a jewelry store I got to see first hand how important and sentimental jewelry can be.  Everything we make has a story to tell and a reason for its existence. I’ve always loved watching the reactions people have to the special pieces we create for them. It’s a true love for my clients and for what we do. I work closely with every person to create exactly what they’re looking for. Whether custom or part of our exclusive collections my team and I are invested thoroughly into making it perfect for you. 

Jewelry is so much more than just something you wear. It invokes a memory, commemorates a moment in time, represents generations passed or loved ones lost but still remembered.