We are a fifth-generation jewelry design studio and take great pride in our customer service, quality and craftmanship of our pieces. We offer a 1yr service warranty on our wedding and engagement rings. Within the first year of purchase we will service the ring free of charge if issues arise. This does not include loss or damage due to negligence. It is your responsibility to ship and insure your jewelry; A Trio will return your piece insured once it is repaired.

We encourage our clients to purchase jewelry insurance through a third party such as jewelers mutual, www.jewelersmutual.com, in the event of theft, loss, or unfixable damage done. We are always happy to repair and service any damaged pieces. If piece is “out of warranty” fees will vary according to the extent of the repair.

We also encourage our clients to purchase jeweler that is conducive to their lifestyle. If you prefer a more delicate and dainty style ring consider removing your rings before heading to the gym or going on a bike ride. We do make all of our pieces to become future heirlooms and last for generations to come, but it’s up to the keeper of the piece to take care of it to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Stones and metal are strong materials but not indestructible!!! Treat with care and consideration.

*We will not be able to uphold this warranty if the ring is serviced or worked on outside of our A Trio headquarters in Milwaukee Wisconsin. *